I have used the word psychological fear instead of fear because it is different form the physical fear. Psychological fear only exists in our minds. It is fear of things which went wrong in our past or we fear will happen in future. Here are top five reasons to avoid the psychological fear.


The only reason which is keeping you away from starting something is fear of failure. We live our whole lives planning so many thrilling things,but we don’t do because we fear we will suck at them. Planning and executing are two different things. Just starting something is far better than living with regret your whole life.


If you are always worried about your weaknesses, it creates a placebo effect and you are stuck in this vicious cycle of anxiety and depression. You give meaning to small failures in your life and start acting safe. However there is a famous line used in startups which can be applied to whole life” fail early and learn from it”.


Decisions made due to fear are very irrational. As human beings we have great imagination and mostly we imagine the worst case scenarios. Think about that career decision you made while in fear .The decision of living in a toxic relationship because you fear you will not find someone else. Our intuition is fear, so we have to think logically in order to grow in life.


I have used ‘flight or flight’ intentionally because that is what we do in a fearful situation. Whenever we face an unknown situation, adrenaline rushes into our body and we have mostly two modes of action fight or flight. In physical danger cases it might be appropriate to run but in a psychological danger we have to fight our mind.


Fear creates a lot of burden on our body and mind. It is mostly a negative emotion and needs to be overcome in order to grow towards positivity. Hence instead of wasting time thinking about future work on your present and live a fulfilled life. So take care of your mental health then you will be able to look after your loved one’s health.

“At the end I will advise you to take your time and bring down your fears one by one.”



A writer beginning his journey to share his thoughts with the world.

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Abdullah Ramay

A writer beginning his journey to share his thoughts with the world.