How i wiped out ACNE permanently

1-Wash Face 5 Times a Day

As we know acne can be result of the dirt on the face from traveling. So regularly wash the face in the day At least five times. Apply moisturizer (if you want) after washing the face.

2-Keep the Hair Clean

As a person fond of travelling I sometime forget to cover my hair which causes the dandruff and the hair to become dusty. Both of these are dangerous for the skin and can cause the formation of pimples which are very hard to get rid of. The oil from the hair can also travel to the skin to cause the pimples.

3-Avoid the sugary food

Diet is the essential part of the health and we many times ignore the food intake. A growing body of research has found that the food rich n carbohydrates may eb the cause of the acne.

4-Homemade remedies to remove acne

Some of the most famous home remedies which are easily available at supermarket or can be made at home are

5-Night treatment to stop acne

Apply these remedies these are scientifically proven to remove acne overnight and prevent the further formation of acne. Consider dermatologist before applying if you are allergic to any substance mentioned below.



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