Pomodoro Technique for Reading a Book

Abdullah Ramay
2 min readAug 24, 2022

I had been slacking to read a book about Pakistan history calked as “Pakistan , a hard country” for 6 months now.

Then i came to know about a technique called as pomdoro in Amal courses.

This technique tells us to divide the tast into chunks of 25 minutes with 5 minutes breaks in between.

So first of all i powered off my cellphone to reduce all the interuptions and Sat on my table with Book and a Highlighter.

I started reading page no.1 and set the stopwat h to 25 minutes on my wrist watch.

The procrastinated Book

To my surprise 25 minutes passed quickly and i had read about 8 pages.

So i took a break of 5 minutes and ate some snavks in this time period. I then started reading the book again for 25 minutes and read 6 pages now.

I repeadted this process for about 2 hours and i had read almost 50 pages.

The interesting thing about this technique was that i did not feel hectic work.

The breaks put an ease on my mind But sometimes i got distracted and took longer breaks of 10–15 minutes .The technique works because it balances the work load and allows mind to settle.

So in overall process this technique helped me in doing a work i had been putting off for monhs.



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