“The Social Dilemma” of our Generation.

1-Reduce Screen Time:

First of all monitor your screen time and reduce it as much as possible. There are various apps available on Apple and Google play store. The apps will monitor your screen time and help you to rediscover the joys of real world instead of mindlessly scrolling on the social media

2-Protect Your Privacy:

Next time think a second before liking, sharing or commenting on a post. I am not saying to be extremely cautious but just reflect about that decision. You will learn about your pattern of consuming social media.

3-Verify Every News:

A research on twitter showed that fake news spreads much faster than the honest news. This shows that our mind accepts false news easily. So basically verify a post before sharing because misinformation can ruin someone’s life.



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Abdullah Ramay

Abdullah Ramay

A writer beginning his journey to share his thoughts with the world.